What is an Earth-Based Education?

It is the sharing of philosophical tools related to human development where nature is a unifying force for joy and harmony.

-Learn to help children and adults ignite their inner joy.

-Explore physical and emotional connections to the natural world.

-Identify patterns in nature to flow with the rhythms of life.

-Cultivate curiosity, compassion, and creativity.

-Bask in the wonder and awe of everyday experiences.


Who is it for?

HH Earth-Based Education is for parents, therapists, body workers, yoga teachers, educators, and anyone who has an interest in forming healthy relationships with family, friends, community, and nature.

20 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits available to Yoga Teachers. 

How is an HH Earth-Based Education going to help?

For decades now we have seen a decline in time spent in nature. This has a significant impact on our health, our nervous systems, our family structures, our society, and the balance of our natural resources. 

To restore harmony, HH Earth-Based Education focuses on old teachings that nurture seven forms of human intelligence: physical, emotional, analytical, synthesizing, imaginative, intuitive, and holistic.

Physical intelligence is the awareness of your body and how it interacts with your environment. It includes movement, breathing, and relaxation.

Emotional intelligence is closely tied to physical intelligence as emotions attach to physical experiences. Honing your emotional intelligence enables a greater understanding of your place and purpose in the world.

Analytical intelligence obtains information from your environment. Training these ability involves observation of the natural world using a variety of teaching exercises from around the globe.

Synthesizing intelligence is the ability to integrate analytical information such that it is practical, relevant, beneficial, and supportive of healthy relationships.

Imaginative intelligence is the ability to engage with the invisible; such as thoughts, dreams, visualizations, sounds, music, and innate creativity.

Intuitive intelligence is the ability to trust your inner wisdom by appropriately interpreting signals from the body.

Holistic intelligence is the ability to use all forms of intelligence to maintain an adaptable worldview that nurtures the whole person as well as their relationships. 

With training and practice, individuals learn to detect subtle shifts of the body, the breath, and the mind in response to both visible and invisible realities perceived by the student. This knowledge becomes extraordinarily helpful in creating self-care practices, cultivating healthy relationships, and identifying natural processes.

About the teacher:

Libby Piper creates a safe, playful learning environment for all ages to connect more deeply with their source of joy. She is a Children's Author and a Yoga Therapist turned Playful Movement Enthusiast with a background in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Behavioral Therapy. She integrates western psychology, eastern philosophy, and indigenous traditions into a unique understanding of human development, addressing the needs of the whole person for the highest good of All.

Upcoming Workshops:

Honeysuckle Hugs Earth Based Education - Three Day Workshop

November 15-17, 2019

Zenna Wellness

617 Franklin Ave, Berlin, MD 21811

Friday 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-4pm

$375 Early Bird Special

$425 Investment (Registrations after October 31, 2019)


Contact Libby to learn more about hosting or attending a Honeysuckle Hugs Earth-Based Education workshop.

PO Box 111

Pocopson, PA 19382

(484) 744-6213